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Perth’s Orthotic Insoles Specialists

During your orthoses assessment appointment, we will perform a thorough foot/ankle assessment as well as a gait analysis and provide you with our honest opinion as to whether or not orthoses could provide any benefits for your medical condition.

Once you have decided that you could benefit from our orthoses, we will take plantar impressions of your feet using sand filled vacuum bags – a process that takes less than 5-minutes.

Once we have the casts of your feet, the vacuum bags are filled with Plaster of Paris to produce the positive casts. These casts are then modified, if required, to provide extra support, or provision is made for painful prominences that require extra cushioning.

Our Orthotic Insoles are manufactured by moulding flexible EVA or rigid Polypropylene over the positive modified casts using a vacuum oven.

The top covers for our orthotics can be customised to suit your requirements, however most orthotics are covered with washable material such as PPT/Poron or Spenco (both memory foams) to provide additional cushioning. The thickness of the cushioning depends on your individual requirements and may depend on the footwear to be worn with the orthotics. Orthotics can also be covered with leather on top of the cushioning material, mostly for use in orthotic-friendly sandals.

Because our orthotics are produced in-house, they are very competitively priced and can be manufactured in less than 4 working days.

Contact Perth Surgical Shoemakers today to discuss your orthotic/footwear requirements. Our Certified Pedorthist and Surgical Shoemakers will assess your needs and custom make Orthotic Insoles for a perfect fit.